Re: URIs / URLs

No, I am telling yuou in a more or less completely un-machine-readable way
(because I am slack and don't have a handy RDF scheme to use for an
annotation to my page somewhere) that those URIs are stable, and that you can
use the first one as an identifier for the mail message, and the others as
identifiers for me, to the extent that you trust W3C to be stable and me to
understand their policies accurately.



On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Sean B. Palmer wrote:

  > so if I want to store some metadata that states you wrote the email
  > this is a response to, which URI would you suggest I use for the
  > email and which URI to identify you?

  Use a date stamped MID for the email (message IDs are only required to
  be unique for two years). As for identifying Charles, you have the
  three options that Sandro recently outlined. I would suggest that
  unless you want to re-represent Charles, you use an anonymous node:-

    [ :name "Charles McCathieNevile"; :worksFor
       "W3C"; :date "2001" ]

  If you want to reuse the node, then simply give it a proprietary

    @prefix : <#> .
    :Charles :name "Charles McCathieNevile"; :worksFor
       "W3C"; :date "2001" .

  Where Charles could possibly be an HTTP URI if you want people to
  dereference it to find out more information about Charles. A good
  example might be a FragID to his W3C homepage. Note that the more
  information you include, the less persistent your data will likely be,
  e.g. Charles might move his homepage, but if you used a TANN it should
  remain persistent. Once again, through date-stamping, and being
  careful to recognize the scope of your data-store, you should be able
  to avoid any major problems.

  Kindest Regards,
  Sean B. Palmer
  @prefix : <> .
  :Sean :hasHomepage <> .

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