Re: Dispositions of Dave Beckett's comments

>>>Ron Daniel said, in reply to comments by Aaron Swartz, fully
> quoted in

> 1) PRISM is an application of RDF. RDF is a generic framework.
> 2) PRISM applications are REQUIRED to produce legal RDF that
>    can be handled by any fully-compliant RDF processor.

The above two points (elided here) are what I expected PRISM's view
of RDF would be, but it has to be made clear in a note what a PRISM
processor requires, and how that differs from what a general RDF
system would do.  RDF systems can process PRISM, and not care about
ordering, and things will work just fine - although information will
be lost which is unfortunate but not the end of the world.

I assume that PRISM will be using RDF tools, so some RDF tools
authors might be encouraged to provide support for profiles of RDF
that have different requirements - PRISM and DAML are examples.


Received on Monday, 2 April 2001 19:02:22 UTC