Re: Research notebook: On edge-labelled graphs in XML

Thanks Dan - 

Rather conspicuously absent from the collection is a very significant 
form of edge-labelled graph - UML class diagrams.  
I guess OMG must be working on this - XMI is a first cut but aimed narrowly 
at allowing UML to be archived or transferred between CASE tools.  
I just took a quick look at their website but there is little to 
help there yet.  

There is also considerable interest in developing a standardised way of 
generating instances expressed as XML documents according to models 
expressed in UML.  

Answers I've seen vary depending on whether a XML Schema doc is involved or 
not (Schema can work at approximately the same metalevel as the UML).  
But most examples that I've seen jumble the metalevels, and use both 
class (type) names and attribute- or role-names (accessors or object-names) 
as elements, either inconsistently, or in a striped (and thus bulked-up) document.  
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