Research notebook: On edge-labelled graphs in XML

So I'm posting a far-from-ready document since I expect RDF Issues to eat
a bunch of time this month I might've spent on it:
	Research notebook: On edge-labelled graphs in XML

...on the basis that it's best to post half-finished but interesting/useful
material than sit on it for months hoping to perfect it (RDFViz,
RDF-WordNet etc being previous examples where I've gone against instinct ;-)

  "This document serves as an informal survey of XML applications that adopt
   an edge-labelled graph data model similar to that used in W3C's Resource
   Description Framework (RDF)."

This is basically a pile of refererences and excerpts from all 
the discussions, proposals etc I've seen in the XML and RDF community that
relate to the interchange of RDF-like data structures over an XML
syntax. Including alternate syntaxes, XSLT transformations, ideas about
annotated schemata, the RDF++ straw syntaxes &c. Far from finished, but
(a) I thought there was enough there to provide brain fodder for those who
didn't read this stuff first time around, (b) I'm hoping to raid
everyone's bookmarks for additional content. In particular, the notion of
annotated schemata for mapping into the RDF model is often mentioned but
I've yet to see a definitive work; maybe I've missed something. XSLT seems
to be making all the running of late...

thanks for any suggestions / links,


Received on Wednesday, 6 September 2000 15:57:55 UTC