Re: graphical RDF tools

There is at least the GraphViz tool for rendering RDF as labeled graphs. But
a tool that allowed authors to create such graphs, and then describe them in
terms that can be encoded in RDF would be very cool. There has been some
discussion (but so far no actual code) of this in the context of SVG and
accessibility - for a public taste see
and particularly the section on Metadata. This is, for most people, a fairly
natural way to author RDF-type data, so it is a good app to consider. (when
I have the time.....)


Charles McCN

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Tom Van Eetvelde wrote:

  Hello RDF comunity,
  Does anyone know of a tool to draw directed labeled graphs and to store them as RDF? I think it
  would be soemthing nice to have. That way, one can graphically produce RDF files!
  This concept is already available for programming languages (see Rational Rose), so why not for RDF?

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