Re: graphical RDF tools

Hi Tom, 

Tom Van Eetvelde wrote:
> Hello RDF comunity,
> Does anyone know of a tool to draw directed labeled graphs and to store them as RDF? I think it
> would be soemthing nice to have. That way, one can graphically produce RDF files!
> This concept is already available for programming languages (see Rational Rose), so why not for RDF?
> Regards,
> Tom.

GraMToR is a graphical editor for the interactive constructing of
an RDF data model. The graphical representation can be serialized
to XML-RDF syntax. Additionally the  data model can be serialized
in the triple notation. GraMToR is developed with the scripting 
language XOTcl [1] and the prototype environment Wafe [2] which 
includes support for several libraries like the widget set OSFMotif. 
GraMToR is available [3] under the GPL license. Documentation of the
implemented class system (german language) and a short user guide 
(german language) is available. The GraMToR is a first prototype 
with which we gained  experience in graphical processing of RDF data
models. It is the outcome of the diploma thesis (german language) of
Alexander Block which is also available [4]. 




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