The StatementConstraint rdfs:ConstraintProperty

(This is a rephrasing of a previous post.)

The purpose is to represent in an RDF Schema, the properties a
specific satement can have.


    subClassOf rdfs:ConstraintProperty

    type StatementConstraint
    domain rdfs:Statement
    range rdf:predicate


Lets say I have a Person with an intrest in a Topic. (That would be a
resource of type Person and a resource of type Topic in a Statement
with the Predicate intrest.) Suppose I want to represent the strength
of an individual persons individual intrest. That would be a property
of the reified statement, not of the intrest property.

In the implementation, the statementPredicate will be used with the
intrest property.  A Person is said to have a intrest in a Topic.
For each of a persons intrest statements, there will be a property of
the statement indicating the strength of the intrest.

    type rdf:predicate
    domain Person
    range Topic

    subClassOf rdf:Statement
    statemetPredicate intrest

    type rdf:predicate
    domain IntrestStatement
    range FloatZeroToOneInclusive

An application can now know what properties a specific statement can
have by matching the statement predicate with a specific subClassOf

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