Re: W3C specification error

It might be worth remarking that to have rdfs:Resouce as a domain or 
range is never an error, since in RDFS domains and ranges can be 
conjoined. It is more like a kind of resignation: one is saying that 
the subject or object of the property may be anything whatsoever, 
unless of course further information is supplied which restricts them 
in some other way or for some other reason. One can see this by 
looking at the RDFS inference rules 
(, where 
rdfs3 allows you to conclude in this case that the type of the object 
of any assertion of rdf:Property must be rdfs:Resource; but one knew 
that already, from rdfs4b. So this 'vacuous' range only provides some 
redundant information.

Received on Tuesday, 11 January 2005 07:32:47 UTC