Jena semantic tests

Following on from Jeremy's posting concerning ARP and the current set of working
group tests.

On the approved entailment tests 20030725, Jena passes 37, declines to implement
5 and fails 1 due to the recent changes in WG decision. The latter will be

Details below.


Of the 43 tests:
  37 pass OK
  1  fail (xml:lang on Literals) and will fix
  2  fail and might fix
  3  fail and do not intend to fix

Of the passes there is one test that needed correction to the downloaded files.

** Invalid test:
rdfs-subClassOf-a-Property/Manifest.rdf#test001 is defined in the manifest but
the data file is not included in the file. However,
downloading the files separately from the respository then this one passes.

** Failures - will not fix:
PositiveEntailmentTest rdfms-seq-representation/Manifest.rdf#test004 - FAIL
PositiveEntailmentTest rdfms-seq-representation/Manifest.rdf#test002 - FAIL
  These two tests assert that the empty document entails various properties 
  of _1. By my reading of the specs this is not correct, only mentioned 
  container membership properties should result in such entailments and
  there are no such mentions in the empty document.
  If I'm wrong and these tests are correct then we will not implement 
  them anyway, this is too alien to users to be acceptable.

PositiveEntailmentTest xmlsch-02/Manifest.rdf#whitespace-facet-3 - FAIL
  This tests bNode introduction - that a typed literal entails a graph 
  with a bNode of type rdf:Literal. We have deliberately omitted the 
  bNode introduction rules from the reasoner config on the grounds that 
  this is not the way an RDF API should do it - users can query the 
  nodes themselves for type information and creating virtual triples 
  for this would be wrong from an API perspective.

** Failures - could fix:
NegativeEntailmentTest xmlsch-02/Manifest.rdf#whitespace-facet-2 - FAIL
NegativeEntailmentTest xmlsch-02/Manifest.rdf#whitespace-facet-1 - FAIL
  These test non-mutual entailment of a valid literal with an invalid 
  literal that differs only by whitespace. Unfortunately our XSD 
  handling library is happy with the whitespace and doesn't 
  treat " 3 " as an invalid int. 
  This could be fixed if that is indeed how XSD is supposed to work,
  though the current behaviour seems more useful in practice.

** Failure - will fix:
PositiveEntailmentTest datatypes/Manifest.rdf#language-and-xml-literal - FAIL
  This is the xml:lang on xml:Literals issue. To be fixed.

** Pass:
rdfms-seq-representation/Manifest.rdf#test003 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#semantic-equivalence-between-datatypes - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#language-ignored-for-numeric-types-3 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#range-clash - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#test010 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#test008 - OK
tex-01/Manifest.rdf#language-tag-case-1 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#language-ignored-for-numeric-types-2 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#semantic-equivalence-within-type-1 - OK
tex-01/Manifest.rdf#language-tag-case-2 - OK
rdfs-subPropertyOf-semantics/Manifest.rdf#test001 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#non-well-formed-literal-1 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#language-ignored-for-numeric-types-1 - OK
rdfs-no-cycles-in-subClassOf/Manifest.rdf#test001 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#semantic-equivalence-within-type-2 - OK
rdfs-no-cycles-in-subPropertyOf/Manifest.rdf#test001 - OK
rdf-charmod-uris/Manifest.rdf#test003 - OK

rdfs-subClassOf-a-Property/Manifest.rdf#test001 - OK
rdfs-domain-and-range/Manifest.rdf#intensionality-domain - OK
statement-entailment/Manifest.rdf#test003 - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#non-well-formed-literal-2 - OK
rdfms-xmllang/Manifest.rdf#test007a - OK
statement-entailment/Manifest.rdf#test004 - OK
horst-01/Manifest.rdf#subClassOf-intensional - OK
rdfs-container-membership-superProperty/Manifest.rdf#test001 - OK
rdfs-domain-and-range/Manifest.rdf#intensionality-range - OK
datatypes/Manifest.rdf#test009 - OK
statement-entailment/Manifest.rdf#test001 - OK
rdf-charmod-uris/Manifest.rdf#test004 - OK
rdfms-xmllang/Manifest.rdf#test007b - OK
horst-01/Manifest.rdf#subPropertyOf-intensional - OK
xmlsch-02/Manifest.rdf#whitespace-facet-4 - OK
rdfms-xmllang/Manifest.rdf#test007c - OK
statement-entailment/Manifest.rdf#test002 - OK


Received on Friday, 25 July 2003 12:06:49 UTC