[Fwd: RDF Concepts - section 4]

Hi Peter

you earlier commented on section 4 of the concepts document.
As you are aware, this was discussed today at the semantic web architecture 

I was pleased that we reached a unanimous agreement. This included Parsia 
and Patel-Schneider who, like you, had commented on the section; and also 
Connolly who had orginally raised the issue rdfms-assertion on behalf of 
W3C, as well as Brickley, the other W3C rep on RDF Core, and Berners-Lee.

I would value your endorsement of the resolution below, since this would 
give a clear indication to the working group that we can satisfy all 
parties with an expressed interest by following the resolution.

(CG = semantic web coordination group)

Ian Horrocks attended the meeting, and you may wish to confer with him. (I 
doubt you need too)

For process clarity, please note that this meeting was not empowered to 
decide, and the resolution is merely a suggestion to the working group.



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Subject: RDF Concepts - section 4
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 23:07:23 +0000
From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
To: www-rdf-comments <www-rdf-comments@w3.org>

The Semantic Web Architecture meeting at the W3C tech plenary
resolved unanimously to this message.

We suggest that:
- section 4 is struck
- postpone rdfms-assertion
- strike other text concerning rdfms-assertion
- CG prioritise work on this issue,
    co-ordinated with the TAG over URI denotation.

Jeremy Carroll.

Received on Friday, 7 March 2003 02:38:04 UTC