Re: Datatyping

Patrick Stickler wrote:

>>Why does the MT *need* to make the triple drawn to the LexicalNode 
>>invalid in prescence of a range constraint ?   
>Because the range assertion says that the object of the property
>is a member of the particular class, and in the case of a datatype
>class, its RDF Class extension is the value space. And a lexical
>node is not a datatype value, but a string.
It seems to me that the MT's range entailments cannot be applied to 
LexicalNodes at all.   This is because however hard we try we simply 
could not draw  the arrow {uuu [rdfs:type]  zzz }  as prescribed by the 
entailment rule [rdfs3] in the case where uuu is a LexicalNode.    Since 
we cannot draw an arrow from a LexicalNode, I propose to change [rdfs3] 
to exclude such an erronous entailment .... something like I have 
depicted in my new diagram [3].


I think this works if  you'all consider a LexicalNode not to be or 
rdf:type rdfs:Resource.   Do you?   ... and could the MT be changed as I 
propose?  ... and would that solve your concern above?

.... and thanks for your comments in my blog :-) .

Seth Russell

Received on Thursday, 26 September 2002 12:11:17 UTC