ANNOUNCE : Free RDF database for academic use

Plugged In Software ( is pleased to announce the 
release of Tucana KnowledgeStore (TKS) v1.0 under an academic license for 
non-commercial use. TKS is a scalable, distributed, transaction-safe, 
directed-graph database optimized for the management of metadata.

TKS imports Resource Description Framework (RDF) statements and can currently 
store up to about 40 million triples for 32-bit platforms and 95 million 
triples for 64-bit platforms. TKS is written in 100% Java and deployed as a 
single executable JAR file.

TKS is under active development as a commercial RDF database. Current work on 
TKS includes scaling to multiple terabytes of stored RDF and optimizing for 
very large joins.

This academic release is intended to make TKS available to the academic 
community free of charge. TKS may be downloaded free of charge at Academics may receive a 
non-commercial license without time restriction. W3C members who do not have 
academic affiliation should make a request for a non-commercial license 
directly to

A 45-day evaluation version is also available to the general public. 

Received on Wednesday, 18 September 2002 22:23:35 UTC