Re: Members of the rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty class

>I would like to ask about the use of the class 
>rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty class.
>In the RDF Schema document 
>is mentioned that:
>>The rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty class has as members the 
>>property rdfs:member and the properties _1, _2, _3 ... that can be 
>>used to indicate membership of Bag, Seq and Alt containers. 
>>rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty is a subclass of rdf:Property. 
>>Each container membership property is a rdfs:subPropertyOf the 
>>rdfs:member property.
>However, in the RDF Model Theory document 
>the 2nd rule of the rdfs-closure of an RDF graph states that the 
>following triples are true:
>>[rdf:_1] [rdf:type] [rdfs:Property] .
>>[rdf:_2] [rdf:type] [rdfs:Property] .
>>[rdf:_1] [rdfs:subPropertyOf] [rdfs:member] .
>>[rdf:_2] [rdfs:subPropertyOf] [rdfs:member] .
>However, since rdf:_XXX properties are members of the class 
> rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty the first group
>of the above triples shouldn't better be as follows?
>[rdf:_1] [rdf:type] [rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty] .
>[rdf:_2] [rdf:type] [rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty] .

To the best of my recollection, the WG had decided to abandon 
ContainerMembershipProperty, which is why I didn't use it. But I will 
check to make sure. Certainly if it is still in the language then 
your suggestion is a good one.

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