Re: RDF Issue rdfs-clarify-subClass-and-instance

From: "pat hayes" <>

> A is a subclass of B just when every member of A is a member of B.
> That's all there is to it: there is no inheritance or 'transferring'
> between the classes. This isn't OOP.

Can't I write:

<B> my:haveQuality <E>.
<A> rdfs:subclassOf <B>.
<x> rdf:type <A>.

and mean that:

<x> my:haveQuality <E>.


Now I do understand that the RDF MT does not sanction that entailment.  But
does it prevent me from meaning that entailment when I write the triple {B
my:haveQuality D} ?   Here the 'my' is a prefix bound to *my own namespace*.

Seth Russell

Received on Monday, 26 August 2002 14:21:20 UTC