RE: Versioning removed from April 2002 RDFS WD

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> The best practice (IMO) is not to make semantic changes to 
> deployed terms. But it's fine to add new terms, make textual 
> changes to clarify things and fix typos.

I'm not sure about adding new terms, unless there's a protocol for
handling unknown input (and you'd have to ask, what would the difference
be between unknown and incorrect?). Your machine has the new term; mine
does not. Your machine's sending me this stuff mine doesn't understand.
But we're working both working off the same schema as far as the
versioning is concerned. Potentially, a new term is a breaking change.
For example, adding a new verb to HTTP without changing the version,
while not a change to the deployed terms, is a change to HTTP.

Bill de hÓra


Received on Tuesday, 6 August 2002 03:05:50 UTC