Re: N-triple unicode escape: upper case?

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> Hello Jeremy,
> working on the Ntriples code to output characters.
> In,
> it is not explicitly said that hex digits are upper case.
> but all examples are upper case.
> I suggest to clarify this in the text.


It isn't required that they are uppercase at present, but that is
possibly implied by the examples.

How about I define in 3.2

     H is a hexadecimal digit in the range [#x30-#x39],[#x41-#x46]

Would that suffice?

I can then point to that in the other escape sequences in the table
where it says <em>xxxx</em> rather as <em>HHHH</em> etc., and use
#x5C instead of #x5c etc. throughout for additional consistency,
although the latter is from


I just donated some N-Triples tests to the RDF Core WG test suite.
Unofficial at present although I have separate confirmation they are
OK.  These might be useful to you, and good to link to/include in the
next WD.  Comments?

(which incidently I note I used all uppercase hex digits)



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