Comments on the new RDF Test Cases draft

[sent already, but it didn't seem it went thru... maybe just the thin
air of Hawaii... retrying now, sorry again for double postings]

I just quickly read (yes, same flight... ;) the new RDF Test Cases as per
In the main text (not time so far to read all the actual use cases... ;)
there is in Section 2:
A parser is considered to pass the test if it produces a graph isomorphic
with the graph described by the N-triples output document.

This is wrong, according to the standard definition of graph isomorphism
(care when using words without accurate definitions...!).
You'd define it using the RDF-MT semantical equivalence instead.
There are possible related issues of conformance here, but that's the
only major error (or issue, depending... ;) I could find.


Received on Tuesday, 7 May 2002 20:08:46 UTC