RDF Issue rdfms-resource-semantics




you raised an issue with the RDF model and syntax specification which was 
recorded in



   RDF describes resources. However, neither the concept of resource, nor how
   it relates to other concepts such as URI and entity, are precisely defined.

On 9th November 2001, as recorded in


the RDFCore WG resolved

   The WG closes rdfms-resource-semantics on the grounds that the
   model theory says all that RDF is normatively going to say about
   the nature of resources. Further specification of the nature of
   resources is the work of other WG's.

Please can you reply to this message, copying www-rdf-comments@w3.org indicating 
whether this is a satisfactory resolution of this issue.

Brian McBride
RDFCore co-chair

Received on Monday, 12 November 2001 10:43:41 UTC