Re: refactoring RDF/XML Syntax

On Monday, October 15, 2001, at 11:53  PM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> Still, if the concept of a "container" is eliminated, wouldn't 
> this be a
> change to the specification? Even as a clarification? I realize 
> that the
> syntax is, itself, backwards compatible -- but a change in 
> understanding is
> still a change to the specification.

We're not eliminating the "concept of a 'container'", simply its 
special place in the syntax. Users are still free to use 
containers in their RDF documents, and RDF Core will release a 
spec that describes them.

> Will the clarification of the concept of "containers" be 
> included in a new
> release of the specification? Or as some form of an addendum, 
> or something
> along these lines?

The Working Group has not decided on this yet, but I think it's 
likely that we'll release an "RDF Tools" sort of spec that 
defines containers, reification, etc.

> Do you see a M & S 1.1 in the next year?

I think we'll definitely see some more specs from the WG, but I 
don't think we plan to replace Model & Syntax. I see our work 
more along the lines of a "Second Edition" of RDF -- going back 
and clarifying things that caused problems for developers -- not 
coming out with a new version. I also hope that the we split out 
the RDF Model from the RDF Syntax, the separate release of the 
RDF Model Theory and the RDF/XML Syntax specs is the first step 
in that process.

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