RE: refactoring RDF/XML Syntax

I've chatted with Brian McBride on this issue, and also checked out the
clarification on containers using the formal grammar (container vs typed
nodes). I have no problem with understanding that containers are redundant
and that the same data can be recorded using a typed node.

Still, if the concept of a "container" is eliminated, wouldn't this be a
change to the specification? Even as a clarification? I realize that the
syntax is, itself, backwards compatible -- but a change in understanding is
still a change to the specification.

Will the clarification of the concept of "containers" be included in a new
release of the specification? Or as some form of an addendum, or something
along these lines?

Do you see a M & S 1.1 in the next year?



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> On Wednesday, September 12, 2001, at 12:53  PM, Shelley Powers wrote:
> > Wouldn't the process of updating or modifying a released
> > specification be to start a
> > new release version of the specification? In other words, since
> > the RDF Model and
> > Syntax are currently a W3C initial recommendation, wouldn't new
> > effort that actually
> > makes modification to this specification be release 1.1, or
> > even perhaps 2.0? This
> > isn't errata -- this effort is a redesign of parts of the
> > specification.
> Hmm, the working group has tried to be very careful in making
> sure that the modifications to the specification be in the
> spirit of backwards compatibility and clarification. We're
> trying not to cause problems for anyone using RDF 1.0 tools.
> Can you point to a specific item that you think is more of a
> change to the RDF specification than a clarification? What's
> causing problems for you?
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