Re: New syntax spec

 From: "Dave Beckett" <>

> propertyAttr is always used in the same form.  In typedNode
> it used like this:
>  [attributes]=set(idAboutAttr?, bagIdAttr?, propertyAttr*),
> i.e the propertyAttr term can be repeated 0 or more times.  Each of
> these propertyAttr uses can be either a typeAttr or propAttr.  I
> think this does not restrict the use of multiple rdf:type properties
> and/or other namespaced properties in any way.   Does that make sense?

But surely that is wrong, because
   [attributes]=set(idAboutAttr?, bagIdAttr?, propertyAttr*)
then expands to
   [attributes]=set(idAboutAttr?, bagIdAttr?, (typeAttr | propAttr)*)
which, allowing multiple typeAttr, is impossible?

An XML element can only have one attribute with a single name***

Do you mean this:
   [attributes]=set(idAboutAttr?, bagIdAttr?, typeAttr?, propAttr* )

Also, I think by "any" namespace you always mean "any except RDF".
And does this syntax exhaust the RDF namespace? 

Rick Jelliffe

*** Actually, one could think of getting around this using
  <x  xmlns:r1="namespace for rdf" xmlns:r2="namespace for rdf"
        r1:type=" ..." r2:type="..." />
but Namespace in XML explicitly disallows this in 5.3 "Uniqueness of Attributes"

Received on Thursday, 13 September 2001 08:11:54 UTC