Proposal for clarification of RDF

See attached a proposal for clarifying the syntax of RDF.

I have found it extremely difficult to pin down RDF's syntax
from its specs.  The reasons are well-known: the treatment
of namespace, etc.  

To overcome these, here is a concrete and straight-forward
proposal which brings RDF back into mainstream XML
usage, and yet retains compatability (as far as I am aware)
with existing specifications.

The proposal is in the form of a DTD and certain conventions.

Rick Jelliffe

C.T.O. Topologi Pty. Ltd.

Invited Expert, W3C I18n IG
Invited Expert (former WG member), W3C XML Schemas IG
Former member, XML Schemas Group.

Received on Wednesday, 20 June 2001 08:26:43 UTC