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Pulpit Confessions:
Exposing The Black Church

N. Moore

ISBN: 0-9658299-2-8
There is a book causing quite a stir in African
American congregations across the country, especially
among its preachers. N. Moore's, "Pulpit Confessions:
Exposing The Black Church," questions the moral character
of the African American Church in the wake of recent
highly publicized scandals.

"The tables have been turned," writes Moore. "The
spotlight is not on the unrighteous sinners outside
the church, but the self-righteous transgressors inside it."

Moore, a former preacher and pastor, speaks candidly
about his and other ministers' odysseys from sincere
well-intentioned prodigies to cynical, sinful, showmen.
He describes in detail the often-profane process whereby
one obtains credentials to minister in the black church.

Moore offers insight into what he considers rampant
emotionalism during the African American worship experience.
"Simply because the preacher sounds good and can make
you feel good does not always mean that he is operating
under an anointing from the Holy Ghost." The author also
challenges many preachers' sermonic integrity by detailing
what he considers blatant showmanship and plagiarism.

Moore also reveals the thoughts and motivations of both
ministers and congregations whose power struggles often
turn violent. "Older members who have been there since
the first brick was laid will not surrender power without
a fight, " he writes. "And fight they will . . . sometimes
to the death."

The African American church has recently been rocked by
scandal at its highest levels. Moore describes how ministers
struggle with their public and private selves, which often
leads to career ending embarrassment. According to Moore,
though, the preachers should not always bear all of the blame.
"Many women in the church make it extremely difficult for
ministers to live righteous lives," he writes.

The author contends that the black church is not Y2K
compliant. He challenges it to get its house in order.
"Reverend, what kind of church are you going to present
to Jesus," he asks. "Will he even want it? Would you?"

Brothers Beware:
Games Black Women Play

A. Marshall
Price: $12.00
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"Brothers, the so-called professional, liberated black
woman wants to have her cake and eat it too. Some of
them have gone to college and earned degrees. She has
entered the work force and is attempting to make an
impact in corporate America and other areas of
employment. She wants liberation on her job. She wants
equality in the classroom. She wants to do what she
wants to do, when she wants to do it, with whom she
wants to do it. She wants liberation. I have no problem
with that. More power to her. But I ask one simple
Excerpt from Chapter Three: "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"
"Brothers Beware: Games Black Women Play" is a book that
pulls no punches when it details the many tricks and
manipulative games for which black women are notorious.

This book is an honest, no holds barred, uncensored
discussion about dating in the African American community.

The number of eligible black men is constantly decreasing.
Therefore, black women are doing whatever is necessary to
find and keep a good black man. Many of her secrets are
exposed in this book.

The author interviewed several black women who revealed
many of the techniques used by Sisters to get what they
want, and who they want, any time they want. These women
were especially helpful on the hilarious chapter entitled:
"Games Women Play On Each Other."

The author had no need whatsoever to embellish -
The TRUTH was definitely sensational enough.

Louis Farrakhan: Made In America
A. Marshall
Special Online Price: $19.95

This comprehensive biography unfolds Louis Farrakhan's
odyssey from the streets of Roxbury to becoming America's
most outspoken black leader. It traces his controversial
relationship with Malcolm X and examines how Farrakhan
rebuilt the Nation of Islam and established himself as
the spokesperson for millions of disgruntled African-

This book details Malcolm X's daughter's alleged plot
to have Farrakhan assassinated and the unique way it
united opposing factions in the black community. This
biography describes Farrakhan's often volatile
relationship with black leaders, including Jesse Jackson,
Khallid Muhammad, and Ben Chavis.

This book culminates with the historic Million Man March
and Farrakhan's subsequent World Friendship Tour. This
biography will interest anyone wanting to understand
the circumstances that have made Louis Farrakhan who
he is today.
How To Juggle Women Without Getting Killed or Going Broke
by Stefan Feller

Price: $12.00

This book is an essential guide for the seasoned dating
man who needs help organizing the women in his life.
Women are constantly grabbing your interest and attention.
Do you have to choose on over the other? Of Course not!
Stop letting opportunities like these go to waste.
Why not date them all?

This is a must-read for men who are active on the dating
scene. Not only will you learn how to juggle several
females at a time, you will also improve your overall
chances with women, including where to meet them and
how to do the little things to keep them happy.

You will learn time-saving techniques that will maximize
your availability, and allow you to spend time with several
ladies a day. The author details scheduling methods so you
never have two dates at the same time. You will also learn
money-saving tips so you can date aggressively and still
have money left to buy life's other necessities.

Forget the saying,"For every man there is a woman out
there." Now it will be, "For every man there are at
least three women."

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