Re: Download Problem ...

At 03:02 PM 7/30/98 -0700, Dinesh Vadhia wrote:
>Hi!  Have tried a number of times to download the "revised public draft of
>the RDF Model and Syntax Specification" with IE4 but with no luck ... The
>text gets displayed but not the graphics ...

We have had this report from others and have been able to reproduce it
ourselves locally.  However we have not been able to diagnose the problem.

This seems only to affect IE4 users.

Previous occurrences of this problem (with other documents) have been
"fixed" by stopping IE, deleting the entire \Temporary Internet Files
directory on your local system, and restarting IE.

Anyone who might be able to supply additional information to help
us resolve this please do so.


Received on Friday, 31 July 1998 08:35:00 UTC