Re: Any way to learn more about RDF in an interactive fashion and a schema question.

At 03:06 PM 7/27/98 GMT, Anand C. Patel wrote:

>there was any way to participate in workshops, etc. on RDF, and if any
>were going to happen any time soon 

We have not formally planned any seminars at this time.
Frequently such seminars and tutorials are held in conjunction
with major conferences.  The only such effort in which W3C
formally participates as an entity is the World Wide Web
Conference series; WWW8 is scheduled for Toronto next May.

> my biggest questions are about
>RDF Schema syntax, and the difference between the schemas presented

This is a published working draft representing the consensus of
the working group at the time of publication.


This document should have a Status paragraph describing its
purpose and its authorship.  As it is, it clearly states
"not for distribution...".

You might infer something by the fact that the published document
has a more recent date of publication.

>The latter are much more legible to my eyes than those in the draft
>spec, which confuse me.  The syntax revision of 7/20/98 is wonderful,
>and I get that set of syntax, I simply fail to grok the schema syntax.

We acknowledge that the 9 April draft of the RDF Schema
document is lacking much detail and quite rough in its
presentation.  The purpose of the 9 April draft was to
solicit feedback on the directions being taken by the
working group in the way of addressing application

If there are specific application requirements you would
like to bring to our attention, that would be helpful.

Thank you for the compliments on the updated 20 July RDF
Syntax draft.  Please be assured that similar investment
of editorial effort is being made to the RDF Schema document.
I cannot at this time project for you when the next draft may
be published.  In the meantime, it would help us if you were
able to focus not on the details of the schema syntax but
on the functions that you specifically desire a metadata
schema to provide.

Thank you for your interest in RDF.  Since you are local,
if you wish to schedule some time for a brief meeting I
would be very happy to learn more about how you envision
applying RDF in your work.

-Ralph Swick

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