Any way to learn more about RDF in an interactive fashion and a schema question.

My name is Anand C. Patel and I'm currently working at the Laboratory
of Computer Science of the Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard
affiliate).  Since there is a W3 site here at MIT, I was wondering if
there was any way to participate in workshops, etc. on RDF, and if any
were going to happen any time soon -- my biggest questions are about
RDF Schema syntax, and the difference between the schemas presented


The latter are much more legible to my eyes than those in the draft
spec, which confuse me.  The syntax revision of 7/20/98 is wonderful,
and I get that set of syntax, I simply fail to grok the schema syntax.

Anand C. Patel

Received on Monday, 27 July 1998 11:06:06 UTC