Semaview - RDF Calendar Applications

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and my
company, Semaview.  We are developing semantic web calendar applications
and I think everyone on this list would be interested in hearing about

First, let me thank the group for creating the RDF Calendar Workspace.
It has been a fantastic information resource and we will certainly
contribute in the coming years.

We will be conducting a BETA trial of our first product(s) shortly and
we would love to have your input.

A brief overview:

1) Sherpa Calendar (  Sherpa Calendar is a
Windows  / PC Platform (based )  intelligent calendar application (iCal
compatible) that allows anyone to easily publish and consume RDF based
calendars and their HTML representation.

2) SherpaFind ( is a calendar search engine for
machine understandable RDF and ICS representations of intelligent
calendar websites and event content.  SherpaFind allows anyone to
quickly and easily search for calendars of interest and preview or
subscribe to the RDF representation of a calendar , and the event search
capability will be added very soon.   

3) Sherpa Developers Kit.  The Developers kit enables software designers
to consume SherpaFind content via web services.

Also, we've authored a paper called "Bootstrapping the semantic web with
intelligent calendar webpage's"

Chris Sukornyk

President & CEO
Semaview, Inc.
Simply better personal information management software

Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2003 14:39:18 UTC