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use cases for modelling time in space

From: jo walsh <jo@abduction.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:25:38 +0000 (GMT)
To: www-rdf-calendar@w3.org
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i have a couple of use cases for representation of time-based info in a
spatial model, and libby suggested i mail a summary here.

i have an RDF graph model of london which can be explored like a MUD -
that is at http://space.frot.org/mudlondon.html . i also belong to a group
of FOAFs who go on london walks - usually following a significant route,
like the old london wall, or according to some geometrical constraint.      

i would like to make an RDF model of a walk we went on yesterday. i have a
tentative model for representing a route, (as an rdf:Seq of waypoints
which are references to places in my model, e.g.
http://space.frot.org/london/a_space/Trafalgar_Square#space) and i can
annotate those points in space with foaf:depictions, so i can tag pictures
taken e.g. http://slab.org/yami/walks/20030317_candace_walk/index.html in

but i would like to be able to represent the route in time as well as
space - to say 'these people P were at place S in space at moment T in
time'. so the times would be properties of points on the route...?

(the pictures could then inherit the properties of that point in space and
time, rather than needing annotated with them again.)

i am looking at http://www.w3.org/2002/12/cal/ical and wondering if it is
enough to annotate with a ical:dateTime (after specifying the TZ etc).
a quick word with DanC on #rdfig offers 
{ ?X cyc:subAbstrac ?XatT. ?XatT cyc:objectFoundInLocation ?Y. ?XatT
cyc:temporallyIntersects ?T }
which suggests, XatT is an abstraction of my group of people, at place Y
temporarily intersecting with T... but i am always thinking 'from the
space up'... and am also dreaming of a simpler representation, that could
be attached to FOAF filez.   


i have another use case i will mention quickly, which is wanting to make
statements about things that were in a space at a period of time ... e.g.
'The George Pub stood here between 1660 and 1899', or 'between 1905 and
1916 this hotel was the house of Emmeline Pankhurst' ... with the aim of
being able to 'zoom back in time' in the RDF spatial model to see what it
looked like ('when i were a boy this were all fields') ... but that is
probably just a distraction now, and representation might 'pop out' of

(i have subbed to this list but may run away again in future)
"Common sense won't tell you. We have to tell each other." -DNA
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