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On Friday, March 14, 2003, (Graham Klyne) wrote:

>Also, from very vague recollections, isn't FREEBUSY designed to find 
>possible meeting times without disclosing details of one's schedule?
>so, then opening hours seems like a different requirement, in that the 
>is precisely to publish one's schedule.  OTOH, it may be a better fit 
>the 'Currently [OPEN]' requirement.  Then, I question, where is the 
>matching logic to be implemented?  My view is that as much as possible 
>should be done in RDF with common tools.

RFC 2445 isn't entirely clear on the intent of FREEBUSY items.  It
allows a FREEBUSY item to specify properties such as URL, organizer,
attendees, and contact, but gives some of them a different
interpretation from events:

   When used to request free/busy time information, the "ATTENDEE"
   property specifies the calendar users whose free/busy time is being
   requested; the "ORGANIZER" property specifies the calendar user who
   is requesting the free/busy time...

A FREEBUSY can't have a DESCRIPTION or SUMMARY, which is inconvenient if
you want to say something like "Hospitality suite open."

On the basis of these considerations, specifying the hours a facility is
open strikes me as more event-like than freebusy-like.

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