question :)

Ha !

it's alive ! :))

now, question - we have a huge database (well, just the data, not the software
yet) of about 1-10 or possibly even more records, with about 10+
columns/fields for each row/record.

We would like to put that database on-line and make it accessible from the
Web.  We have a public domain database right now, but it appears that that
software isn't fast enough for such a huge database, and doesn't have all the
features that we need.
I was wondering if there are any other relatively cheap or even better, free
software packages that would be able to handle such big databases and lots of
simultaneous users and run on UNIX.
We are looking for something that supports:

- authentication
- client/server
- _fast_ queries
- ability to update/delete/add entries on-the-fly, so to speak, by talking to
  the server.
- popular and supported query language such as SQL
- preferably made for using via WWW...

I don't know if I'm making much sense and using proper terminology, but hope
you get the point...

Thanks !

is there an archive of this mailing list ?  I tried getting more info from the but the thing never sent me info :(
thanks for all who responded to my previous dead or alive message !

Received on Tuesday, 17 September 1996 17:48:45 UTC