Re: Web Interface to a (free/cheap) sql Unix Database

Alex Tang writes:  

> I was wondering, I want to put together an (cheap/free) SQL database on a 
> Unix host.  I also want to have the "interface" be a web browser.  I've
> seen a couple of interfaces that allow a user to query/search the
> database (typical search stuffs), but I haven't seen on that provides the
> users with full access to the database (like a "real" interface would.  i
> want to be able to enter/modify/search/output data through the web
> interface).

If you are interested in a relational (but not SQL) database 
that interfaces easily to a Web server, you might want to 
check out the "/rdb" database from Revolutionary Software.  
/rdb essentially consists of a set of commands that extend 
the Unix operating system to implement a relational database 
management system for which the shell is the DDL, DML, and 
"fourth generation language" combined, so queries, updates, 
etc., are seamlessly integrated with Unix commands via pipes, 
etc.  It is almost trivial to write the Web interface, using 
shell programs.  

I am not with the company, just a user.  For more info, email to:  

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