Web Interface to a (free/cheap) sql Unix Database

Hi folks.

I was wondering, I want to put together an (cheap/free) SQL database on a 
Unix host.  I also want to have the "interface" be a web browser.  I've
seen a couple of interfaces that allow a user to query/search the
database (typical search stuffs), but I haven't seen on that provides the
users with full access to the database (like a "real" interface would.  i
want to be able to enter/modify/search/output data through the web

I was thinking that MSQL would probably be the engine of choice, but I do
have one big question about state info:

How would you save state information between multiple transactions
with the db engine?  (for example, if you MQL keeps a single unix domain 
socket open throughout a "session" or set of transactions with a user.
The same holds for the UMICH ldap database.)

Thanx very much.

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Received on Sunday, 6 August 1995 02:04:48 UTC