Re: XML Query Languages

XSLT and XQuery are in very active use, and are very widely implemented. 
XQL is a precursor to XPath, and the inventors of XQL and XML-QL put 
their later efforts into XQuery, which is the language they now endorse. 
I don't know how active Lorel or XML-GL are.

Also of interest are extensions to existing languages to support various 
subsets of XQuery, such as Microsoft's LINQ and IBM's XJ.

Jonathan wrote:
> I have my final project in my university,and i have to find and compare all the
> xml query languages.I have focused until now at Lorel, XML-QL, XQL, XML-GL ,
> XQuery and XSLT. 
> Are there any other languages to search? 
> Does the most of these language (like xml-ql,xql and xml-gl) work nowadays? 
> XDuce is also a usable language? 
> Thank you,
> kostas
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