Re: Recursive replacement

> > 2) for $p in fn:doc("test.xml")//a 
> >    do replace {$p}
> >       with element "new-node" {$p/*}
> Hmm I'll leave that one for a WG member to answer.., I think that you
> should get get an error from
>   All the pending update lists generated by the previous step are merged
>   by successive invocations of the upd:mergeUpdates operation. If the
>   upd:mergeUpdates operation signals an incompatibility, a dynamic error
>   is raised [err:TBD].  
> But I don't actually see that in the table in
> which has side condition "Not compatible if t1 is t2." in some cases
> looks to me as if it should be t1 is an ancestor to t2

Well, the constructor "element new-node {$p/*}" copies the contents of
the node $p, so the outermost <a/> node is replaced with

There is also a rename operation for exactly this (changing a node name
without changing it's identity).


Received on Monday, 30 January 2006 15:33:40 UTC