RE: request for practical usage examples of XQuery

At 03:29 PM 6/5/2003 +0200, Kay, Michael wrote:

> > Although there is
> > not a very clear distinction between querying and
> > transformation, I assume
> > that the problems that are addressed with XSLT differ from
> > the problems
> > addressed with XQuery.
>It would be very interesting to find out if that is true. I see XSLT being
>used quite a lot for tasks I would describe as query, and XQuery being used
>for tasks I would describe as transformation...

This is one of the main reasons for my initial post: I would like to know 
what kind of XQueries are written by actual users to gain some insight in 
the problems users are trying to solve. I could model my experiments by 
letting subjects write 'stylesheets' for docbook, but I'm afraid that this 
would not be a typical query application. But maybe I should not worry too 
much about this after seeing Per Bothner's example. :)

Also for Jonathan Robie: thanks for the references!

Joris Graaumans

Received on Thursday, 5 June 2003 11:54:37 UTC