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Subject:	ISSRE 2002 Fast Abstracts (Call For Contributions)

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                          FAST ABSTRACTS		     

                      CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS		     
                 Thirteenth International Symposium        
                  Software Reliability Engineering         
                          (ISSRE 2002)                   
                     Annapolis, Maryland, USA             
                      November 12-15, 2002               

 			what is a FastAbstract ?
A FastAbstract is a lightly reviewed, two page technical article that 
is published and includes a short talk at the conference. The goal is
to promote current work, research, practices, opinions, experiences, 
and issues. This is an early communication of technical work and does
not always require completed results like that of a journal publication.
Accepted contributions are published in a digest form in addition to 
being web published. 

For details on the submission requirements (a sample is provided) and
the review process, please visit the web page:

Important Dates:
	FastAbstracts Submission Closes:	 August 15, 2002 
	Acceptance Notification:		 By September 1, 2002 
	Final Version and Copyright Release Due: October 1, 2002 

Topics of Interest include (but are not limited to):

Network system reliability         Fault-tolerant and robust software
Internet reliability engineering   Software architecture reliability
Quality of network service         Analysis and prevention of virus attacks
Electronic commerce                Secure software engineering
Practice of reliability modeling   Security testing and certification
Reliability measurement            Reliability of distributed systems
Software testing and verification  Standards and regulation
Software reliability models        Dependable web-services

Ram Chillarege, Chair, FastAbstracts, ISSRE 2002,
Sachin Garg, Co-Chair, FastAbstracts, ISSRE 2002, 


Note that FastAbstracts are an integral and important part of ISSRE. For
details on the overall call for contributions for ISSRE, a PDF document is 
attached. Also, be sure to check for details.


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