Re: ANNOUNCE: XQuery Implementation Demo available online from X-Hive

At 05:06 PM 10/22/2001 +0200, Jeroen van Rotterdam wrote:
>X-Hive Corporation has just posted an online demo of its XQuery

Cool! I played with this, and it is quite nice.

>A few key points which makes this particular demo unique:

As nice as it is, these three things are not unique. Software AG's QuiP can 
run with or without our native XML database, and has been able to do the 
things you call unique for quite a long time now. You can find it here:

QuiP, Software AG's XQuery Prototype

Here is my current list of other publicly available XQuery implementations, 
omitting Software AG because the info is above, and adding X-Hive's demo to 
the list:






Also worth mentioning is Kweelt, which is an implementation of Quilt, the 
earlier language from which XQuery evolved:


So who else am I missing?


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