ANNOUNCE: XQuery Implementation Demo available online from X-Hive

X-Hive Corporation has just posted an online demo of its XQuery

A few key points which makes this particular demo unique:

- it works with XML documents stored in a native XML database
  instead of XML documents stored as flat files in the flat file system

- it demonstrates 74 out of the 78 W3C XML Query Use Cases and also
  errors encountered and corrections to these cases.
- since the W3C XML Query Cases do not include queries which run over
  multiple documents, sample queries from the XMach-1 benchmark have
- besides working with the samples provided, a user can also specify 
  their own queries on a sample database.

The XQuery Demo can be found on our website at

Any thoughts/feedback you might have would be greatly appreciated.  


X-Hive Corporation
Jeroen van Rotterdam, CTO
phone: +31 10 7108600

Received on Monday, 22 October 2001 11:06:48 UTC