Re: Does the QA's RSS news feed work

Hi Brian,

At 16:57 +0000 2002-09-11, Brian Kelly wrote:
>I added the W3C's QA RSS news feed to a couple of my RSS viewers shortly
>after it was released.  However it has never worked :-(
>I've used the Feedreader RSS viewer and also the web-based RSSXpress
>tool at

Is it because the feedreader does not implement UTF-8 ?

Because I have made a test on a machine and when I do the ouput as 
iso-8859-1 or us-ascii, feereaders have no problems, but if you do it 
as UTF-8 it's getting a lot more difficult.

>Interestingly when I view the file:
>in Opera 6.0 and Netscape 7.0 it is displayed in a formatted way whereas
>RSS files which work in my RSS clients are not formatted when I view
>them in a Web browser.

Yes it's an XML stylesheet, but it's not the problem :) For example, 
you can also see in Netscape 7 
with the same rendering of the XHTML version of The Matrix

>The RSS validator at
>likes the file although the output from:
>is ambiguous.
>It's not clear to be if this is a bug in the RSS parser or in the PSS
>Any suggestions?

I would say RSS parser for the reasons I said. Encoding. I have sent 
also a bug report to NetNewsWireLite

Which has been fixed

but I still don't see the feed. I will explore that Friday.

Thanks for noticing.

Karl Dubost / W3C - Conformance Manager

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