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Good catch, I'll re-read and correct accordingly.



On 25 Apr 2005, at 18:07, Karl Dubost wrote:

Le 25 avr. 2005, à 03:56, Dimitris Dimitriadis a écrit :
> Karl's implementation report of xml:id [4], the SISR Conformance 
> assessment [5] and my own findings.

My report has been done on XML id, 2004-11-09

> [4]

Dimitris, You say "NO" in Requirement 08 for XML:id  with the following 

[[[There are a few "RFC2119:SHOULD" in your specification in the 
section 4. Though the conformance section doesn't explain if a 
conformant XML Processor have to implement all MUST only or MUST and 
SHOULD. This could be also solved by making a Basic Level and a Full 
level of Conformance. Or just indicate that the "MUST" MUST be 
implemented to be conformant.]]]

Is it done against this version, maybe it solves your answer:

Conformance to constraints that “must” be assured is mandatory. It is 
recommended that applications assure the other constraints as well. 
This specification defines no simply optional constraints.

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