[draft] Proposed answer to TAG comment on error processing requirements

Original comment (issue 1154):

The QA Working Group agrees the former text was narrowing the scope of
the good practice without good reason and made the new text broader,
while illustrating it with the former text. Good practice 23 now reads:
   Define an error handling mechanism.
   What does it mean? 
     For each class of product affected by an error condition, address
     error handling. For instance: for a language, address what effect
     an error (be it syntactic or semantic) in the input has to a
     processor of this language; for a protocol, address how a party to
     this protocol should behave when a bogus message is received; for
     an A.P.I., indicate what exceptions are raised.

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Received on Tuesday, 19 April 2005 14:25:13 UTC