Re: Addressing accessibility in SpecGL (was: Draft minutes telcon 20050411)

LH>>How about this idea instead, as a compromise ... invite WAI to write 
LH>>sort of document about quality & accessibility, and maintain it in 
LH>>Web space, and promise a reference and link to it from SpecGL?

DHM>That's basically what we're going to do; i.e. link to XAG (XML
DHM>Accessibility Guidelines), and the WAI Protocol & Formats Working 

I think QA stands out as the broadest of the "horizontal" concerns that
apply to W3C products, so it would be appropriate for QAWG products to
mention the other horizontal concerns (as one-liners) even if the WGs that
specialize in those other concerns don't return the favor. Specifically,
the QA Handbook may represent the best assemblage of WG obligations in a
single place. If we want Spec Editors, Testing Coordinators, even Chairs
to rely on the Handbook for guidance, then it should incorporate the
other obligations by reference.
.................David Marston

Received on Wednesday, 13 April 2005 14:37:26 UTC