Re: Draft minutes telcon 20050411

At 06:39 PM 4/11/2005 +0300, Dimitris Dimitriadis wrote:
>#1087 - Address accessibility requirements
>         * We agreed during our discussion with the WAI CG to include in 
> our new
>"Beyond conformance" section to include a new subsection about
>accessibility and possibly other horizontal domains considerations;

Did we actually agree to that?  Or did we just say that we'd consider 
it?   I wasn't present Friday at Boston, and the minutes are vague about 
whether we actually agreed to do something or not.

>let's try to quickly think about what to present and how to present it,
>and get someone an action item to draft a proposal
>(dh) Can we quickly see what should appear in this section and see who
>can make a draft? Right now we have wording such as "define internal
>process" and "do a thorough review". Add a bit of verbiage explaining
>more about this.
>(tb) I can take a stab at it.

This does not feel smart to me, adding a potentially controversial section 
of new stuff after Last Call, when we're considering going to PR.  Yes, it 
would be non-normative, but still...I feel that we are taking a risk with 
our plans and schedule.

How about this idea instead, as a compromise ... invite WAI to write some 
sort of document about quality & accessibility, and maintain it in their 
Web space, and promise a reference and link to it from SpecGL?


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