Re: [SpecGL Draft] E. Good Practice: Write Test Assertions

Nicely done. Just a few grammar/spelling changes....and 1 comment at the end.

At 06:17 PM 7/15/2004 -0400, Karl Dubost wrote:

>Good Practice:
>         Write Test Assertions
>What does that mean?
>         A test assertion is a statement of behavior, action, or condition 
> that can be measured or tested. It is derived from the specification's 
> requirements and provides a normative foundation from which or more test 
> cases can be built.

s/which or more/which one or more/

>Why should I care?
>         Test assertions facilitate the development of consistent, 
> complete specifications and promote the early development of test cases. 
> This exercise helps to uncover inconsistencies, ambiguities, gaps, and 
> non-testable statements in the specification. It can provide early 
> feedback to the editors regarding areas that need attention. An added 
> benefit is that the assertions can be used as input to test development 
> efforts.
>         TestGL?

I think there is a Wiki on Test Assertions

>         1. Do not input the feature inside a specification before to have 
> associated test assertions.

Do not put the feature in the specification without having its 
corresponding test assertion(s).

>         2. Create a template to write feature for the specification which 
> includes test assertions.

Make this similar to the other GP:
Create an authoring template for how to define/describe a feature which 
includes a section for adding test assertions.

>         3. Identify all requirements in your specification and try to 
> write corresponding test assertions.
>         When trying to write test assertions for all its conformance 
> requirements, one Working Group found that informative information was 
> needed to complete the normative requirement. Consequently, the 
> conformance requirements were rewritten.
>Examples given at

Does it make sense to give examples of test assertions from other Recs?  I 
think I had 2 examples of WGs that had test assertions. Even better - give 
both the line in the Rec and the Test Assertion from that Rec - If this 
sounds like a good idea, I can see if Sandra can put a few together from XML.


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