Re: [SpecGL Draft] E. Good Practice: Write Test Assertions

Le 15 juil. 2004, à 18:56, Lynne Rosenthal a écrit :
>> Examples given at
> Does it make sense to give examples of test assertions from other 
> Recs?  I think I had 2 examples of WGs that had test assertions.

yes the two linked just above.

>  Even better - give both the line in the Rec and the Test Assertion 
> from that Rec - If this sounds like a good idea, I can see if Sandra 
> can put a few together from XML.

That sounds like the perfect idea. So people will really silly what do 
we mean.

Does someone has a memory of a spec where the test assertions are 
included in the Specification itself, so that it can be easily 

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