[SpecGL Draft] E. Good Practice: Write Test Assertions

Good Practice:
	Write Test Assertions

What does that mean?
	A test assertion is a statement of behavior, action, or condition that 
can be measured or tested. It is derived from the specification's 
requirements and provides a normative foundation from which or more 
test cases can be built.

Why should I care?
	Test assertions facilitate the development of consistent, complete 
specifications and promote the early development of test cases. This 
exercise helps to uncover inconsistencies, ambiguities, gaps, and 
non-testable statements in the specification. It can provide early 
feedback to the editors regarding areas that need attention. An added 
benefit is that the assertions can be used as input to test development 


	1. Do not input the feature inside a specification before to have 
associated test assertions.
	2. Create a template to write feature for the specification which 
includes test assertions.
	3. Identify all requirements in your specification and try to write 
corresponding test assertions.

	When trying to write test assertions for all its conformance 
requirements, one Working Group found that informative information was 
needed to complete the normative requirement. Consequently, the 
conformance requirements were rewritten.

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