Re: [SpecGL Draft] E. Principle: Do Quality Control during the specification development

Le jeu 01/07/2004 ŗ 22:38, Karl Dubost a ťcrit :
> Principle:
> 	Do quality control during the specification development
> What does that mean?
> 	The more the specification work is organized, the more the control on 
> development process of your specification, the more chances to move 
> smoothly across the W3C Process, and to have a better final product. 

you need verbs after "the more *"; e.g. "the more chances you get ..."/
s/across the W3C Process/across W3C Process/ I think.

> Each time, a version of the document is publish,


>  the WG must ensure 
> that individual sections, it can be a full section or simply the 
> explanation of a feature is coherent and complete.

s/that individual...complete/that each individual section, whether a
full chapter or simply the explanation of a given feature, is coherent
an complete/

FWIW, I think this needs revision; we've published e.g. specGl or TestGL
with many incomplete sections, and I don't think that was neither
damaging nor a bad thing.

> Why should I care?
> 	Publishing a specification with incomplete section is very damaging at 
> many levels :
> 	- Image of the WG
> 	- Understanding of the technology
> 	- Possibility of good review and comments from people outside the WG.
> 	All these issues will tend to slow down the process and the 
> advancement of the development of the technology.
> Related:
> Techniques:
> 	1. Create at the begining a mini guide to help people to work on the 
> technology and write submissions for the specification.

s/begining/start of the work on the specification/
s/a mini guide/guidelines/
s/to help people to work/to help people work/ [@@@ that would make 2
"work" in a row... needs to find another term]

> 	2. Follow some or all of these following good practices
> 	3. If you really need to put an incomplete section, make it clear that
> 		3.a It's incomplete
> 		3.b comments are not encouraged on this particular section.

3b is too much I think; an incomplete section might actually need more
comments than other sections in a working draft.

> 	4. Divide the work in small units, so people can see regular progress
> 	(5. Quality can be fun, make it fun.)

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