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[SpecGL Draft] E. Principle: Do Quality Control during the specification development

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 16:38:34 -0400
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Dear WG,

I think this section is very important and could recommend many simple  
Good Practices.

The Principle behind that.

	Do quality control during the specification development

What does that mean?
	The more the specification work is organized, the more the control on 
development process of your specification, the more chances to move 
smoothly across the W3C Process, and to have a better final product. 
Each time, a version of the document is publish, the WG must ensure 
that individual sections, it can be a full section or simply the 
explanation of a feature is coherent and complete.

Why should I care?
	Publishing a specification with incomplete section is very damaging at 
many levels :
	- Image of the WG
	- Understanding of the technology
	- Possibility of good review and comments from people outside the WG.
	All these issues will tend to slow down the process and the 
advancement of the development of the technology.


	1. Create at the begining a mini guide to help people to work on the 
technology and write submissions for the specification.
	2. Follow some or all of these following good practices
	3. If you really need to put an incomplete section, make it clear that
		3.a It's incomplete
		3.b comments are not encouraged on this particular section.
	4. Divide the work in small units, so people can see regular progress
	(5. Quality can be fun, make it fun.)

	Publication template for SpecGL
	RDF/OWL organization for submitting tests.

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