Re: QALites and relevant W3C documents

Good stuff, Lynne.  Couple more comments...

At 11:45 AM 4/7/2004 -0400, Lynne Rosenthal wrote:
>1.  Pubsrules [2]:  Document versioning is tied to conformance, for 
>example "if a technical report with no changes that affect conformance to 
>a previous Rec, then the edition number is changed and no change to 
>revision no". . Last year, Susan Leach asked us about this.

Yes, I remember.  In the context of "is Version a DoV"?  Our answer was 
"no", that DoV referred to how implementations of a single identified 
version of a spec might vary.

>--relevant to SpecLite probably under Quality Control. We probably should 
>mention something, but not go into details

Worth mentioning or referencing.  Note that the quoted rule has been in 
pubrules for a long time (at least a year or so).  Also, it is not 
enforced.  For example, SVG1.1 differed from SVG 1.0 in conformance-related 
ways -- modularization and definition of profiles, as well as folding 
errata (some substantive probably).  SVG 1.2 (approaching Last Call) adds a 
massive amount of new functionality.

>2. Tips for Getting to Rec Faster [3]. As part of its push to encourage 
>technical quality, interoperability and consensus, it advocates, "develop 
>test suites and other supporting materials in parallel with the Rec track 
>document.  Talk to people in the QA Activity about existing tools and test 
>suite frameworks.
>--supports TestLite

Also support QAH's 1st module, "Early planning and commitment".  I have 
integrated a reference to it.

>3. How to Organize a Rec Track Transition [4]. Test suites are addressed 
>as part of the request for CR and beyond for implementation 
>information.  "Are there test suites. What is the relation between test 
>suite and conformance to the TR? Is QA situation generally clear and 
>satisfactory? Do tests demonstrate/evaluate all features implemented? 
>Links between the tests and features being tested? Are test suites 
>planned? Coordination with QAWG?
>--relevant to TestLite




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