Monday (22 September) QAWG telecon agenda

QAWG  --

If you won't attend the Monday (22 September) teleconference, please  
respond (to list) with regrets.

Principal topic:  Ops GL CR Imp Plan, TestGL continued.

Scribe: Peter Fawcett (or Vanitha Venkatraman)

1.) roll call 11am EDT, membership

2.) Any routine business
	[- overdue Action Items ] [1]

3.) QA Ops GL CR  [2]

	- Entrance Criteria for PR: CP Priority 1 to 3. Spec removed from TR  
space until we precise the Entrance criteria with more precision.
	Now we have """QAWG has agreed that the implementation criteria to  
advance beyond  CR should be: for each Priority 1 and each Priority 2  
checkpoint, two example implementations that successfully fulfill the  

	- Implementation Plan for CR [3]: 2 implementations of every CP,  
targeted WGs + WGs having real implementation.

	- Organizing reviews of WGs to find implementation [4]

	- Selling Points of QA Ops Doc

5.) TestGL topics (continued) [5]
	- Patrick Curran continues the discussion about TestGL
7.) Adjourn

8.) Overflow (12-12:30): available.


[4] (Members Only)

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